Family traditions are very important.

Preparing for death or celebrating a life at the time of death is an integral part of the overall circle of life. Here we make it easy to understand the Busch difference when considering funeral service options. We have downloadable brochures offering detailed information about the funeral experience. No matter what your request, our experience assures you we will exceed your expectations and be able to fulfill your needs. Busch is the area's most preferred for burial, cremation and funeral services.

A majority of funerals in this area conclude with earth burial. Earth burial is defined as burying your loved one contained in a casket into the ground. Purchases made for this option generally include a casket, a vault, cemetery plot and a headstone or grave marker. Above ground entombment is provided in a mausoleum, which is a building designed and maintained to house human remains.

Burial options offer funeral service options such as music, prayers and recitations of your choice.

In addition, you may choose visitation and viewing with an open or closed casket, gatherings, funeral or memorialization service, even reception for family and friends. We are experts in burial options and we can personally attend to all the arrangements for you.

Many people select a traditional visitation and funeral service, with burial to immediately follow at the cemetery, often with a gravesite ceremony.

You may select immediate burial only. This entails simply meeting with us to arrange the details. However, we hope you will consider the benefits of having a formal or informal funeral service. This is for the support it can bring to friends and family, as well as the closure it helps to provide.

You may also select a Green Burial Option.

Regardless of your choice of services, or even if you choose not to have a viewing, you will need to select a casket and cemetery. Casket selection today is very broad, offering you the opportunity to choose one that reflects your personal tastes.

For the non-traditionalist, there are even caskets that depict hobbies like golfing or fishing. For an extra touch, many caskets can be engraved with meaningful themes or phrases, scripture or the name of the person who has died.

Finally, you may also select some form of memorialization, such as a plaque or monument

Memorialization not only comforts immediate survivors, it becomes an important part of your family legacy for generations to come.

Read more information about a Pre-Arranged Funeral Plan or email us at and we will answer all of your questions.